DIY watercolour art using Waterlogue

My toddler is wild about animals and wanted pictures of wild animals on his wall so I promised him a gallery once his room was painted.

Initially, I considered painting the animal art myself, but (I’m ashamed to admit) my art materials still haven’t been unpacked following the house move a few months ago and also it would have probably taken a lot of trial and error to come up with art that everyone was happy with. With a baby and toddler on my hands everyday, I am very time poor, or it might have just been rubbish even after all the effort. So Plan A was quickly scrapped.

Plan B was to buy some stock photos and turn them into watercolours using the Waterlogue app. If you know of it, you’ll know how addictive it is. It makes you want to PAINT ALL THE THINGS. It transforms any picture into beautiful liquid watercolour. There are different settings you can try till you find the transformation that you like best, and you can download it and turn it into art for your home if you so wish.

Luckily, Bigstock are currently running a free trial which allowed me to download superb animal photos FOR FREE. Yay for free. And with a few taps of the app, I had beautiful art.

digital mockup to decide the layout of the gallery

Amazing, isn’t it? Imagine the possibilities! Watercolour flowers, landscapes, patterns… art for your home, art for gifts…

I printed the animal art at home to fit 30x30cm frames, but if you don’t have a high quality printer to hand, you can get yours printed professionally relatively cheaply.

A happy client! 🙂

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