First Sense Interiors - award winning Nottingham-based interior designer

Hello! I’m Meera, the face behind First Sense Interiors. I believe our homes are more than just physical structures: they tell the story of who we are, where we have been and where we are going. They are our sanctuaries where we can truly be ourselves and build memories, where we can enjoy simple blissful moments like coffee in pyjamas, baking with family, or the comfort of sinking into the sofa at the end of the day. I also believe that considered, creative design can bring soul, joy and a sprinkle of magic to these everyday moments to enhance our wellbeing and make us happier.


While I am based in Nottingham, I work with clients throughout the UK. I aim to help you create a home that nurtures and inspires, and is as practical as it is beautiful. Whether you are looking for someone to guide you through a renovation project, or would simply like to redesign one room, please get in touch to discuss your project.


Interior design for renovations

Planning a renovation and wondering when to get an interior designer involved? The answer is: as soon as you have initial architect plans, or at least before building plans are finalised. 'Designing backwards' to figure out the best layouts, lighting + electrical plans, storage etc, is the foundation for a well-designed home.


Kitchen and bathroom designer in Nottingham

From layout to lighting, these hardworking rooms require thoughtful planning to achieve the optimal balance between functionality and aesthetics. Given the disruption and cost of renovating these rooms, carefully considered details are all the more important.


Interior design in Nottingham

Would you like to design a room from scratch, or do you have furniture that you would like to incorporate? Is your layout working for you? Are you wondering how to bring your interior to life? Perhaps you are looking for that je ne sais quoi to transform your room. Whatever you need to make your house a home, I can help.


Bespoke carpentry and joinery design in Nottingham

You may require a solution that a ready-made product cannot fulfil, e.g. if you are tall, you may find that a deeper and higher sofa is most comfortable for you, or you may have an awkwardly sized space you need to fill. Commissioning bespoke furniture, whether upholstery or carpentry, gives you exactly what you require.


Interior design for children

Take the guesswork out of decorating for a child with ever changing interests. Design longevity is at the heart of every First Sense project and this also includes children's rooms, where the foundation of the design will last them for many years, with just simple updates required to cater for their growing needs and current interests.


Remote online interior design e-design

You don't have to be in Nottingham to access my interior design service. Whether it's a room design or a more extensive renovation, if you can provide measurements or architect's plans, photos and manage the design implementation yourself, I can work with you remotely to help you create a well considered, beautiful home.


To send your enquiry, please fill out the form on my Contact page.
Please note that I am fully booked for 2024 and my next availability is Spring 2025.