What Clients Say

Meera has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She is so talented and I really cannot recommend her enough. So far she has designed our living room and master bedroom and we’re currently in the process of designing our bathroom. She has been so wonderful and patient with us and communication has been excellent. We are absolutely in love with both (almost) completed rooms and guests are always incredibly complimentary.

We haven’t worked with an interior designer in the past but Meera really helped us navigate the process. I think it’s really easy to see and like a million photos on Instagram/Pinterest etc but trying to decide what we wanted for each room and putting it together was really difficult for us. Meera’s advice has been invaluable and both rooms are very different from what I would have “designed” myself and I mean this in the BEST possible way.

We are lucky to live locally and have benefited from excellent recommendations for tradespeople too. We went with a different company for one job and we really regretted it – luckily, Meera’s recommended company came and fixed it for us so swiftly too so we really trust her recommendations. I hope to work with her on the rest of the house in the future and I can genuinely say I’m excited to discuss her ideas.

– A. Burzic

We are so glad we brought Meera in to help with our renovation project. She made an impact from the very start, making some great suggestions just from our architect’s plans. It was as if she put herself in our shoes and worked out how we would actually live and move about our home, thinking of everyday practicalities, how to avoid obstacles to a good layout and how we could maximise natural light in each room.

Her knowledge of the building process is excellent, and she knew exactly what needed to be ready throughout the project, such as plumbing and wiring plans. I think without Meera and her expertise, not to mention attention to detail, we’d have been all at sea and a lot more stressed.

Meera had a knack for understanding our style even when we weren’t sure of it ourselves. We couldn’t happier with how the rooms are turning out! Every room feels relaxed, natural and characterful. The icing on the cake was her sourcing of trade pricing on many items which saved us money, effectively making her service very affordable.

All in all, we would highly recommend Meera of First Sense Interiors to anyone who is considering any kind of renovation or refresh of their home. – T. & S. Rutherford

If you are debating whether you need Meera in your life…the answer is yes!

We haven’t done a renovation/building work but contacted Meera during lockdown as we were fed up with how our house was working for us. It was a white box “blank canvas” and we just didn’t know where to start or what our style was. We had decorated a couple of rooms but they just weren’t working.

We thought Meera would recommend a new paint colour, maybe a rug and some accessories…but it has been so much more than that! From designing custom made built in units, sourcing one of a kind rugs from Morocco, to specifying rewiring so the lighting works better. Meera has thought of everything and the results are just stunning. I walk into the rooms we have completed and cannot believe this is my house. We could never have achieved the same result without her.

My only regret…not booking in Meera for my whole house! (…we are planning to!) – M. Hughes

I cannot recommend Meera’s services highly enough. After 20 years of living in a house that never quite felt ‘us’, we enlisted her help to refurbish our downstairs rooms. She has transformed not only the way our living space looks, but also the way we feel when we are at home. Her vision is impeccable, and she has advised and assisted us on every aspect of design; from colour schemes, furniture and decoration through to lighting and electrics, whilst always being mindful of our budget.

Throughout the design journey, Meera has guided us to make choices that have enabled us to bring to life a vision that we had not previously been able to realise. Our home now looks and feels like the sophisticated, peaceful and intimate family space we have always wanted. – A. Bowles

With Meera’s invaluable guidance and expertise, we have just completed building a 2 floor extension with lots of internal changes including a new kitchen, dining, living spaces, pantry and utility and bedrooms plus bathroom. We even managed to sneak in a library area.

Meera has been more than just a designer for our renovation. As well as having the creative ideas and innovation to create room designs, she really thought about the whole picture, advising us on lighting and electric plans, building tips and sometimes correcting our builders! She is professional, honest and responsive to any queries. Without her input we wouldn’t have thought of the little details which have made such a difference and we’ve bought some amazing furniture we would never have considered without her suggestions. She listened to our ideas and stuck to our budgets whilst creating wonderful and warm spaces for our home. We would highly recommend her for any project and we have had so many positive comments from friends and family on the designs she has put together. – R. Mason

I’ve had the pleasure seeking Meera’s expertise into designing my DIY kitchen. Meera was incredibly responsive, helpful, and her advice and recommendations were clearly well thought out. She was quick to address (a lot of!) my questions. I dont think I would have been able to order and design the kitchen on my own, so having Meera’s input has definitely lifted a lot of stress off my shoulders! Our kitchen reno journey has been long and difficult, so I was also really grateful for her ‘after-sales support’ (months after she has designed my kitchen). I would highly recommend Meera to anyone seeking her expertise! – A. Lee

Just managed to steal myself away from the cloakroom long enough to write you a quick note. I can’t tell you how wonderful I think it is. I know I can’t begin to imagine how much work you have put into it. I’m not sure how I think you are not only going to interpret my strange ideas, but to make them happen as well! You are truly very gifted. So many thanks! – S. Crooks