Renovation diary: Month 3 of the building work

Sending a hello to you from under a pile of rubble!

How are you? I haven’t blogged for a while as things with the renovation have gone craaaazy! If you are following my instagram stories, you may have seen it all! If you’re not following, well why ever not?? I am sharing all the lowdown on our 1930s house renovation, and all the stories are saved onto my highlights if you would like to catch up. Better than a Grand Designs episode, I tell ya! 🙂

If you missed the previous months’ recaps, you can catch them here:
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At the end of month 2, the roof structures had been built and the glazing was on order. The pitched roofs were tiled soon after and the flat roof over the ground floor at the back of the house was covered in fibreglass. Some of the glazing is now in (not shown in these photos), and the rest should be in later this month.

First Sense Reno - roofing complete


With the chimney stacks coming out, we had to pretty much empty the house, and for the necessities that had to remain, it was a like a sliding block puzzle to move things around to clear the spaces that were being worked on each day. Evenings and weekends got very busy with moving stuff, and with beds taken to storage, we slept on mattresses on the floor.

First Sense Reno - Removing chimney stack
Messy work
First Sense Reno - sleeping situation
Sleeping situation


To knock through into the first floor extension, the two external walls of the existing bathroom were taken down and the steel beams inserted. This made our bathroom situation interesting, to say the least! To fully understand how truly horrid it was, you must watch my reno story highlights on instagram!

First Sense Renovation - Month 3
Open plan bathroom, complete with wobbly sink and holes in the floors


What had remained of our kitchen cooking facilities had to be demolished to create the new opening into what will be the utility space.

First Sense Reno - kitchen demo
Last of the kitchen is taken out and by the next day there’s a new opening into the utility


Our whole house was covered in stubborn textured wallpaper, and this had to be stripped in readiness for all the plastering that will be happening this month. Not a fun job in any way!


The contractor had been working around us living on site and although he didn’t say anything, I was beginning to sense his frustration about this. Also, by now our living conditions were really awful; we were living with minimal possessions, always feeling like there was dust in our lungs, everywhere was filthy, there was no kitchen and the bathroom situation was dire. We were feeling very low and I could see it was starting to affect the kids, so we made the decision to move out for a few weeks which would allow the builders to crack on at pace during this time. The bathroom and everything else that needed to come out were all quickly stripped out and the house became officially uninhabitable, but the progress on site has really quickened!

Short term accommodation is expensive, but we had felt that there may come a point in the build when it would feel impossible to live in the house, so allowed a bit for this in the budget, however it looks like we’ll be out longer than anticipated.


We are changing both sets of stairs for head height and access reasons. You can see how they are being changed in the first and second floor plans that I shared in this post.

First Sense Reno - modifying stairs
No stairs!

The first staircase is almost done now and the second (to the loft room) should be getting changed in a couple of weeks.


In hugely exciting news – I have ordered our kitchen and utility cabinets! 🙂 I have been wanting to show you my designs and tell you more about them, but haven’t had the chance to write the posts yet. I hope to very soon, so stay tuned!!

Writing all this makes me realise what a lot happened in May! By the end of June I should hopefully be showing you a lot less mess, and all the walls in the right places and freshly plastered! 🤞 Remember to follow me on instagram, if you’re not already, for all the action on stories!

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