3 simple secrets for a healthy fiddle leaf fig

I think it’s fair to say that a fiddle leaf fig is one of the most attractive houseplants there is. Even as a young plant, its gorgeous large leathery leaves make it a standout design feature in any room. It’s no surprise then that it remains the “it” houseplant on social media, leading many to purchase this beautiful plant without understanding that it can be a bit finicky!

Living room with burnt orange velvet sofa and fiddle leaf fig - design by First Sense Interiors

When I shared a photo with my tall fiddle leaf fig on instagram, I received dozens of messages asking what my secret was. There are no secrets, I’d love for everyone to know how to look after these stunning plants, so here are my 3 simple tips:


This is a must, in my opinion. I know there are articles telling you how and when to water a fiddle leaf, but who has time to remember complicated care instructions about giving it just the right amount of water at just the right time? Not me, and I’m sure not you either. A self watering pot takes the guesswork out of the equation, letting the plant take up water when it wants to, and transforming it from a diva plant into one of the lowest maintenance plants in your home!

I have planted my fiddle leaf in a Lechuza self watering plant pot. I think these plant pots are well worth the investment. They come with a plant substrate and have a water level indicator which makes it easy to know when to fill up the reservoir again.


Fiddle leaf figs are native to western African rainforests, so they love filtered light, warmth and humidity. Position your fiddle leaf fig in a spot with bright, but indirect, natural light, and away from radiators. A north or east facing window is perfect as it’ll get all the natural light it wants without scorching from too much direct sunlight. Rotate it now and again to give all sides of the plant equal light; this will help to stop it leaning to one direction as it grows.


During the growing months, I add the recommended amount of houseplant food to the water that I fill the reservoir with.


And there you have it – just these few really simple steps will give you a thriving fiddle leaf fig! 🪴💚

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