Botanical wallpapers [shortlist for our WC]

When I was gathering inspiration for my post about small cloakrooms with big style, I realised I really want to wallpaper our downstairs loo. It’ll be a tiny room so it can carry off something a bit special. The style of this room will be leaning towards traditional/classic, so I have been on the lookout for wallpapers that feel timeless and will still look the part in 15 years.

This is no mean feat! There are many beautiful and exciting designs around, but for each sample I ordered, I asked myself if I would still love the design in 5-10 years. If there was even a little niggle of doubt in my mind, it didn’t make my shortlist. Harsh, but as my husband says, I don’t like to make things easy for myself. Evidently.

Through the process of wallpaper hunting, I realised geometrics and blousy florals – as lovely as they can be – were a no-no for me personally as I can quickly tire of repeating patterns. Instead I found myself really drawn to forest type designs where you don’t notice the pattern repeat too much. I love being outside surrounded by nature, so it’s not a surprise that my favourite wallpapers turned out to be designs filled with foliage. After looking at dozens, I finally have a shortlist of the following 7:

Best botanical wallpapers || Cole & Son - Florencecourt
Wallpaper: Cole & Son – Florencecourt from the Archive Anthology collection. Image via Husligheter. I think this lovely leafy wallpaper can work beautifully with contemporary, classic or transitional styles.

Best botanical wallpapers || Zoffany - Richmond Park
Wallpaper: Zoffany – Richmond Park from the Darnley collection. This moody forest design is a favourite amongst many designers and it’s easy to see why. I particularly love it paired with deep blue as shown here.

Best botanical wallpapers || Little Greene - Archive Trails
Wallpaper: Little Greene – Vine from the Archive Trails collection. This pretty wallpaper also comes in green and plum colourways, but the blue is my favourite.

Best botanical wallpapers || Marthe Armitage - Oakleaf
Wallpaper: Marthe Armitage – Oakleaf. Image via Remodelista. I am very partial to oak leaf patterns as we have an oak tree in our garden, and Marthe Armitage can print the design to match any colour.

Best botanical wallpapers || Cole & Son Chiavi Segrete
Wallpaper: Cole & Son – Chiavi Segrete from the Fornasetti Senza Tempo collection. Image via @mimaslandscape. I have loved this wallpaper ever since I first saw it. It is such a gorgeous classic design with mystical keys hidden in a privet hedge.

Best botanical wallpapers || Cole & Son - Chiavi Segrete - Gilver & Gold
Wallpaper: Cole & Son – Chiavi Segrete from the Fornasetti collection. Yes this is the same design as the previous one, in a different colourway. I must really love this pattern! The earthy olive tones in this one are gorgeous. I have been wanting to add some olive colour into my home… perhaps this is way!

Best botanical wallpapers || Cole & Son - Botanical Botanica - woodland
Wallpaper: Cole & Son – Woodland from the Botanical Botanica collection. I can’t find adequate words to describe how enchanting I find this intricate wallpaper… just stunning!


So that’s my shortlist: our downstairs WC will be papered in one of these. Which one is your favourite? Please help me decide! Leave me a comment below or find me on instagram.

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  1. 24 April 2019 / 4:52 pm

    Ooh such a hard choice! I’m a huge fan of the Cole & Son Fornasetti papers so that gets my vote, closely followed by Richmond Park by Zoffany!

    • Meera
      24 April 2019 / 10:12 pm

      Thanks so much for weighing in, Bianca! Your vote counts for a lot, I am very much veering towards Chiavi Segrete 😍

  2. 1 May 2019 / 3:31 pm

    These are all absolutely stunning but the Little Greene paper definitely made my heart beat faster. It’s gorgeous!

    • Meera
      2 May 2019 / 12:06 pm

      It really is, Rachel! I have specified that one for a client before, and I also love it!

  3. Leena Kore Schroder
    1 October 2020 / 8:33 am

    I come late to your party, which I stumbled upon because I have exactly the same idea for my downstairs loo. Independently of your suggestions I have found the Zoffany Richmond Park, the Cole Chiavi Segrete, and one other: the Danish company Sandberg’s Raphaël (inspired by Central Park in NYC). I am choosing the last one–did you ever consider it? I find Richmond Park too dark. It looks like years ago there was a lighter green version, but Zoffany have reissued a darker, brooding mood. It’s lovely, but would be claustrophobic in my tiny space. The Sandberg paper is equally leafy, but more airy with a light background. Personally I found the Chiavi Segrete easy to eliminate: after the initial wow, I found the pattern too regular and too much on a flat surface: all the leaves are in equally sharp focus with no sense of depth or perspective. But that’s just me, and with such amazing choices, I needed hard reasons for elimination. What did you end up doing? Is it all finished? I hope it’s a triumph!

    • Meera
      11 April 2021 / 2:39 pm

      Ha, it looks like we have done the opposite. I did consider Raphael, but that one was easy for me to eliminate. It just didn’t call to me like the others. Chiavi Segrete is stunning in person and I chose the olive colourway, although there is also another lighter, more neutral colourway which is also very pretty. The metallics in it really make it sing for me and there’s enough interest that I don’t feel it’s too repetitive. I am loving mine, and I hope you are loving yours!

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