15 small cloakrooms that are big on style

The rooms that are the subject of this post go by different names: cloakrooms, washrooms, water closets (WCs), powder rooms, half baths… to be clear, we are referring to rooms with a toilet and a basin.

One week into the building work for my home extension found me having to make the decision for where exactly the new ground floor drainage pipes were to be located. There would be no moving them once they were concreted into the ground. I was glad to have already planned the measurements for the rooms and know what toilet and basin size I will be getting for my cloakroom so I could determine their exact location in the room. This is a prime example for designing backwards – decisions for plumbing and electrics really do come quicker than you’d think.

In trying to make sure that I wouldn’t want to change my mind later, my builder asked if I would want to make the cloakroom bigger and the adjoining boot room smaller, but I stuck to my plans because the storage for coats, shoes and bags will be more valuable to us than an unnecessarily big loo. It will be a comfortable size for doing one’s business and much roomier than our current situation, so it doesn’t need to be any bigger. A small cloakroom doesn’t mean small style; on the contrary it is the perfect opportunity to embrace bold design. As you can imagine, I have been gathering inspiration for small cloakrooms that are big on style, and I am sharing my favourites here so you can enjoy these lovely loos too!

Now I just have the small (not small) task of unpacking this inspiration to figure out the design for my own cloakroom. Do you have any favourites from here?


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